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With AutoTWBot you can automatically unfollow users that are not following you back. This keeps your Twitter stream focus on your prospects and from unnecessary follows. Learn how you can accomplish this task automatically with AutoTWBot…


How to automatically unfollow on Twitter non-followers

  1. Open AutoTWBot, create or open your profile, and log in
  2. Click on Automatic Tasks Settings from the top toolbar
  3. Make sure Auto Unfollow Users that aren’t following you is checked
  4. Select how many days after to Unfollow. Default value is 15 days
  5. Select how many users to unfollow in one execution. Default value is 2. As long as AutoTWBot is running and step 3 is checked, the software will automatically unfollow 2 non-followers every 15 minutes – constantly keeping your account up to date.
  6. Settings are automatically saved. Now you can minimize AutoTWBot and let it do its thing!

Status progress can be viewed in the Automatic Tasks tab under Auto Unfollow Users that Aren’t Following You. Checking the event viewer will also show recorded unfollow events in the logs.

A quick recap… Check the Auto Unfollow Users that aren’t following you option and let AutoTWBot run in the background (minimized) to do the job. Easy as that.

Another feature AutoTWBot delivers is the ability to mass unfollow every users in 1 click. Click here for the mass unfollow instructions for AutoTWBot.

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