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A new feature in AutoTWBot is the ability to automatically tweet random tweets from a text file. The purpose of this automatic task is to keep a busy and active timeline. The setup is simple, assign your tweet text file to AutoTWBot, enable the auto task and then watch the software post a random tweet from your file every 15 minutes (default value).


How to automatically tweet random tweets on Twitter

  1.  Execute AutoTWBot and bring up its main window
  2. Go to the Automatic Tasks Settings tab which can be accessed via the top toolbar
  3. Check the Enable Auto Task check-box under the Auto Send Random Tweet Settings section
  4. Click on Browse… and select your text file containing the tweets you want AutoTWBot to randomly post on Twitter
  5. Last step, select how many Tweets you want AutoTWBot to tweet on each execution (every 15 minutes by default)


The random tweet file must be in clear text format and have a line assigned for each tweet. Tweets may not exceed 140 characters, otherwise AutoTWBot will trim your tweets to allow posting. Like all the other features built-in AutoTWBot, events can be viewed in the Event/Log Viewer for more details.

AutoTWBot can also let you import scheduled tweets from a text file, learn more about AutoTWBot’s tweet manager here.


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