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Following new Twitter users is fun and lets you meet new people and potentially new prospects as well.  However searching for new Twitter users can be a long series of clicking and be exhausting. Especially on a daily basis. Why not automate the process? AutoTWBot is capable of searching for targeted Twitter users every 15 minutes and follow them automatically. The process gets handled in the background without interrupting your desktop.

A great way for reading tweets from new users every time you open Twitter on your mobile device or computer. Usually getting involved by replying or re-tweeting new Twitter users will get you follow backs. It’s all about constantly growing and connecting with your Twitter audience.

Let’s see how we can do some of the heavy lifting with AutoTWBot to automatically find new users…


How to automatically follow new targeted users on Twitter

  1. Bring up AutoTWBot‘s main window
  2. Click on Automatic Tasks Settings from the top toolbar
  3. Go down to the Auto Add Friend Related to Keywords Settings and check Enable Auto Task
  4. Next enter your keywords separated by a comma for AutoTWBot to find related Twitter users
  5. Last select how many Twitter users you wish AutoTWBot to follow per automatic execution (executions happen every 15 minutes)


That’s it. Keep AutoTWBot running in your system tray or on your desktop for the software to follow new targeted users every 15 minutes. Statistics can be find under the Automatic Tasks tab or within the Event/Log Viewer for more details on the activities.


Respecting the Twitter Rate Limits

Twitter limits how many Twitter users you can follow in a day. The limits depend on how many followers you have. Twitter allows 1000 accounts to be followed per day, however once you reach 2000 followers the limits become more strict. Find out more from the official Twitter rules and best practices page.

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