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The majority of Twitter is about following, and having others follow you back.

In the Twitter community, many will follow you back as a courteous or responsive gesture. Another reason for follow back is to read your new followers’ tweets and get involved with them. Plus following back avoids from getting un-followed.

The next level that most users use is automatic follow back, which is using a service or software to automate the process. What we specialize in.


Here’s how to automatically follow back on Twitter

  1. Get your copy of AutoTWBot V4
  2. Register and authenticate into your Twitter account with AutoTWBot
  3. Once logged in, go to ‘Automatic Tasks Settings’autotwbot-auto-follow-back-step1
  4. Make sure under ‘Auto Follow Back your New Followers Settings’ you have ‘Enable Auto Task’ checked.
  5. Minimize AutoTWBot and you are done! Now AutoTWBot will run in your system tray and checking for new followers every 15 minutes. When new followers are detected AutoTWBot will follow them back with your Twitter account automatically.autotwbot-auto-follow-back-step2


You can click on ‘Automatic Tasks’ to check how many new followers AutoTWBot processes during its uptime. Auto follow back Twitter activities can also be found in the logs under ‘Event Viewer’.


Respect the Twitter limits

Twitter has limits on how many people you can follow in a day. The limits depend on how many followers you have.  Twitter allows 1000 accounts to be followed per day, however once you reach 2000 followers the limits become more strict. Find out more from the official Twitter rules and best practices page.

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