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Need to send a Twitter direct message to your new followers? Let AutoTWBot do it for you.

AutoTWBot checks your Twitter account every 15 minutes for new followers. When new followers are detected, AutoTWBot will send them your custom message automatically. Keep in mind direct messages can only be delivered to your followers and not people you are following.


How to automatically direct message your new followers on Twitter

  1. Open up AutoTWBot and click on Automatic  Tasks Settings located at the top toolbar
  2. Check the Enable Auto Task check-box under Auto Direct Message New Followers Settings
  3. Add your custom message. Make sure you don’t go over 140 characters.
  4. That’s it. How easy was that? Now leave AutoTWBot running… you can minimize it in the system tray and bring it back up anytime


Like all the other AutoTWBot automatic features, the events are logged and can be reviewed in the event viewer. The logs are simple text file and can also be open with your favorite editor for parsing. You will also find a status count on the first tab – Automatic Tasks.

You may deactivate the automatic direct message feature anytime or change your custom message on the fly. Automatic and general settings across the software are automatically saved as you go.

AutoTWBot is packed with another feature allowing you to send a mass direct message to all your current Twitter followers. Instructions here to mass direct message all your followers.


The Twitter limits

Twitter has limits on how many direct message you can send at once. AutoTWbot is a big fan of Twitter and respect its API Twitter rate limits automatically. All twitter direct message jobs are sent to AutoTWBot’s worker module which keeps track of the Twitter limits for your session. Upon a Twitter limit rate reached, the software will automatically pause and wait until its allowed to process more jobs to Twitter.

Find out more about Twitter limits from the Twitter rules and best practices page.


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