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Twitter access to third-party apps, such as AutoTWBot, is provided via the Twitter API v1.1. Connecting to the API requires four Twitter OAuth tokens; consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret. These tokens can be easily generated on the Twitter Developers site in minutes. Here’s how its done…

How to generate Twitter OAuth tokens

  1. Log in the Twitter Developers site –
  2. Fill in the name, description, website and CAPTCHA fields, without forgetting to accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Click “Create your Twitter application”
  4. Now under the Details section you will see your consumer key and consumer secret.
  5. Next, scroll down from the Details tab to “Your access token” and create with read, write and direct message access.
  6. Last click on the API Keys tab and copy paste the access token, access token secret, consumer key and consumer secret into AutoTWBot.

Access tokens can always be re-created or deleted at anytime on

Screenshot demonstrating consumer key and access token

Make sure you don’t have any spaces at the end of your tokens otherwise the logging process will fail.
You can always contact the team for any issues.

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