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AutoTWBot Features

Twitter Automation and Mass Manage your account

AutoTWBot comes with powerful features and options to boost your Twitter Marketing. We included a mix of automated and mass Twitter features to provide as much flexibility as possible to our users. Find out what AutoTWBot can do for you!

Below you will find a description for every feature built-in AutoTWBot. Click the feature to expand the description.

AutoTWBot Features
Automatic Tasks
When you run AutoTWBot it will execute every 15 minutes (customizable) automatic twitter tasks. Simply run AutoTWBot in the background to execute non-stop automatic Twitter activities.

Here’s a list of the Automatic Twitter Tasks AutoTWBot can do:

  • Automatic Follow Back New Followers
  • Automatic Unfollow Users Not Following You
  • Automatic Add Targeted Users
  • Automatic Direct Message New Followers
  • Automatic Random Tweeting
Automatic Follow Back
Automatically follow back new followers to expand your Twitter network! Every time a new follower is detected with AutoTWBot V4 your Twitter account will automatically follow back that new follower. Effective for growth and getting involved with potential prospects. Build new contacts!
Automatic Unfollow
AutoTWBot can automatically unfollow Twitter users that aren’t following you after a certain period of days. This avoids following people that aren’t reading your tweets. Great for keeping your friends list clean and active!
Automatic Add Targeted Users
This automatic feature allows AutoTWBot to search for tweets provided by the user’s keywords and automatically follow a certain number of people. Great for following targeted Twitter users to get involved with their conversations and build new connections. Also the majority of user’s you follow on Twitter Today will follow you back in good intent.
Automatic Random Tweeting
Keep your timeline active with this automatic task. AutoTWBot can post random tweets from a selected text file on each automatic execution.
Automatic Direct Message New Followers
AutoTWBot is capable of sending a custom direct message to all new followers in your Twitter account. Great for thanking your new followers and introducing yourself. Start on a good note!
Automatic Friends and Follower Synchronization
AutoTWBot V4 uses a compact database to store friends and followers from a Twitter account. This delivers great performance and avoids using Twitter API rate connections. AutoTWBot’s Twitter Data Sync Service keep up to date with any changes from other Twitter clients (example: smartphone or tweetdeck), Twitter automation.
Mass Unfollow
AutoTWBot users can unfollow their Twitter friends in bulk. Select as many friends as the account has and watch AutoTWBot process automatic unfollows. Save incredible amount of times for large Twitter accounts.

Mass Direct Message
Need to spread the word? AutoTWBot has the ability to send direct messages to all the followers in a Twitter account. Great new 2014 feature!

Mass Follow
Mass follow twitter users from a text file or your followers list. Follow more and new friends to get involved with a larger audience!
Search Tweets and Users
Every Twitter Marketing Software requires a search feature. Users can search for targeted tweets and users to follow. The search results are exportable to Microsoft Excel and text editors for external usage.
Twitter Rate Limit Detection
AutoTWBot delivers protection against Twitter rate limits to avoid getting banned. This software respects Twitter’s rules and tracks how many Twitter API connections are executed between limit resets. If a detection is reached, AutoTWBot will pause until the time is right to continue send new Twitter tasks.
Save multiple profiles
The new V4 release allows users to save multiple Twitter account profiles. A great feature to load friends, followers and tweets from other Twitter profiles and export/import the data. Another tip, if you need to mass unfollow Twitter users from multiple accounts you may do so with AutoTWBot. Keep in mind the user needs to switch in between Twitter accounts for task execution.
Password Protect your profiles
A new feature is password protection for AutoTWBot profiles in case your desktop is shared with other users. AutoTWBot does provide a lot of features and could potential do some harm in the wrong hands. *Request from a fan.
AutoTWBot V4’s new interface provides more flexibility to users.

We’ve added a bundle of new features in this release and completely redesigned the interface from scratch.  Introducing: Re-sizable Window, Toolbar For Easy Navigation, Icon System Tray, Help Bubbles, Plenty of Statistics, Progress Bar Window, Real-time Information, Notification Window, Event Logging and Customizable Settings.

You can look at AutoTWBot’s interface in the screenshots below.

Local Cache Database
AutoTWBot V4 now has a built-in local cache database. This means AutoTWBot caches your Twitter information to increase performance by large margins and avoid unnecessary Twitter API connections.

All the stored information can be retrieved by the user under the Exporter section. The database gets consistently updated by its data sync service to keep AutoTWBot and your Twitter profile synchronized. A any time the user can wipe the database clean and start again, there are no restrictions.

Send Scheduled Tweets
AutoTWBot lets you schedule as many tweets as you’d like in advance. This saves you time and is effective by scheduling tweets in peak hours without interruption.

Every Monday schedule all your tweets for the week in AutoTWBot and watch your tweets get posted automatically on Twitter without you being near a computer or mobile device. This also allows you to try different weekly campaigns and find out what works best for you. No need to sit at a computer for certain periods of time in the day to send tweets on target from your campaign’s goals.

A good feature AutoTWBot has is importing tweets from a csv text file. Users can write tweets with their send date in one CSV text file then import the file in AutoTWBot for automatic scheduled tweet posting. This allows you to import tweets from a third party tool or give you the luxury to write your tweets in advance from anywhere in one shot.

A screenshot below demonstrates AutoTWBot’s Tweet Manager.

Import Tweets from File
A new feature introduced in AutoTWBot V4 is importation of Tweets from a CSV text file. Effective for sending loads of tweets scheduled in advance without entering them each one by one manually via an interface.

Users can write as many tweets as they want in a CSV text file and have it imported in AutoTWBot for automatic posting on Twitter. The import file requires two fields on each row, the tweet and the send date/time. AutoTWBot displays an example of the file format when importing, making it easy to have a successful import each time.

A Screenshot is available below.

Import Friends from File
Another new feature in AutoTWBot V4 is importing of twitter user from a file to your Twitter account. Simply put the Twitter ID of Twitter users in a text file from third party tools or other accounts in AutoTWBot and import in 2 clicks. AutoTWBot will send each imported Twitter user to its worker process and automatically follow the users in your Twitter account.

Very effective for following new twitter users to get involved with potential prospects by reading their tweets, re tweeting and starting conversations. Twitter users you follow will most likely follow you back, great for getting new followers as well.

AutoTWBot displays an example of the import file format making it easy for users to successfully import.

Export Data for Third Party Tools
AutoTWBot V4 provides exporting of Twitter account information, such as friends list, followers list, tweets and account information. Exporting files are in CSV format and can be analyzed in Microsoft Excel. Useful for exporting and importing Twitter friends from one account to another or parsing exported tweets for targeted Twitter users. Basically the data can be used to anyone’s creativity with other third party tools or scripting.

Get access to YOUR information!

Event Viewer and Logging
AutoTWBot has put alot of effort in event logging for AutoTWBot V4. We believe the user should be aware of each action AutoTWBot executes and it’s status; success or failure. A lot of software lack detailed logs with good explanations not allowing the user find out more information about errors and software behaviors.

Event logs rotate daily to avoid large sluggish files. Each log can be reviewed in AutoTWBot’s event viewer; select a date and click refresh to display. Errors will be highlighted in red for easy identification. Links are available to open the event log folder and view all the files in one location. Each log file is in readable text format so it can be read by any text editor for advance parsing of events.

We believe in providing as much information as possible.
Here are some events AutoTWBot keeps track of:

  • Twitter API Errors
  • Successful Twitter Jobs
  • User Input and Import Errors
  • Software Configuration Changes
  • Twitter Automation Results
  • AutoTWBot Warnings
  • Internal Software Errors
  • Notification and Window Messages
Settings and Customization
Customization is a big one. AutoTWBot’s goal is to provide as much flexibility to the user as possible with their Twitter account. By combining a variation of Automatic Twitter tasks and Mass Twitter Activities to the user’s availability, unlimited method of usage can be developed.

Many new settings are introduced in AutoTWBot V4:

  • Twitter Task Priority Settings
  • AutoTWBot Twitter Tasks Execution Times
  • Profile Password Protection Setting
  • Twitter Rate Limit Customization
  • Event Logging Service Settings
  • Multiple Twitter Profile Settings
  • Custom AutoTWBot Automatic Task Settings
  • Interface Configurations
  • Error Alerts and System Notification Settings
  • And More Hidden Ones :)
Input Validation
AutoTWBot V4 is now picky with its input from the user. This avoid accidental system errors or AutoTWBot workflow malfunctions providing less productivity on your Twitter account. But…

The beauty is AutoTWBot V4 comes with a built-in error handling module to keep the software alive during critical errors. With the new input validation features in AutoTWBot V4 the user will always save the proper settings avoiding system crashes or bad Twitter task executions. Keeping the experience smooth. It’s all about the small details!

Error Handling
Software errors happen and will always happen. Especially with AutoTWBot since its dependent on Twitter’s API. If Twitter has a connection interruption, or a tweet already exist on your timeline the Twitter API will error out saying the tweet already exist. There are many scenarios that can cause AutoTWBot to have an error, that’s why we’ve designed the error handling module. This component lets the user experience no interruption upon errors with the software. Instead it will log the events for review and continue to operate as normal. System errors get resolved in the background keeping AutoTWBot alive at all times.

Warnings and errors are stored in the logs and can be accessed with AutoTWBot’s Event Viewer. A description and response from Twitter’s API is always provide in each error entry for a clear explanation of the cause. Most errors are caused by bad workflows, such as trying to follow a user that’s already being followed. The team is always available to help you better understand your events.

One of the reasons we’ve named this software as a bot, it’s because it will keep going.

Automatic Updates
Automatic updates are now available in AutoTWBot V4. At anytime a user can install the new release of AutoTWBot without losing their settings, worker jobs and profile information. The process is quick and simple.

The team is constantly improving the software for the fans, and now with AutoTWBot V4 updating is a breeze! Life time updates supplied.

Backup and Recovery
AutoTWBot V4’s database, profiles and settings can be backed up and recovered at anytime. Useful for reinstalling AutoTWBot V4 and not losing your configuration.
Built-in Help and Tutorial
AutoTWBot has a wizard tutorial on the first load to help you get started. The tutorial is accessible anytime to get familiar with each components in AutoTWBot V4.

Help windows are also available at each stop in the interface. Hover the mouse over a question mark and get the information you need to execute. Receive real-time statistics and notification alerts to not get left behind. The goal is for the user to understand the capabilities of AutoTWBot V4 and use it to its fullest. The team is always available to answer questions or provide tips.

Runs in System Tray and Background Threading
AutoTWBot V4 now provides background process threading to run jobs in parallel and provide a smooth experience. The core system runs in the system tray allowing AutoTWBot to execute in the background without stopping Twitter automation tasks. The operations run in the background and the interface can be hidden / re-opened anytime.

A screenshot demonstrating the system tray ‘Right-Click’ menu below.

Screenshot gallery demonstrating AutoTWBot’s features HERE