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AutoTWBot is an all-in-one Twitter Marketing Software that provides automatic Twitter tasks execution plus bulk management

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AutoTWBot V4 2014 has been completely redesigned from the ground up to deliver a more powerful interface. Take a look!

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Be productive even away from your computer. AutoTWBot will run in the background and continue working around the clock.

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Automate your Twitter Marketing Today! With AutoTWBot execute on a minute timer Twitter tasks.

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With Auto Follow back, Direct Message New Followers, Mass Direct Messaging, Auto Tweet, Scheduled Tweet plus more, you are guaranteed to get some attraction!


You are in control! Customize how you want AutoTWBot to behave, there are no limits.

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AutoTWBot runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft .NET Framework +3.5. See AutoTWBot in Action!

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We don’t believe in 100% automation to be effective on Twitter. Human interaction is required to develop an audience, however most daily repetitive Twitter activities can be automated to stay consistent and save precious time.

That’s why AutoTWBot and TweetDeck (Free) is all you need for your Twitter Marketing. Use TweetDeck to read tweets, reply to conversations and make a connection with your fan base. It is the best Twitter Client out there! Then automate your Twitter Account management and Twitter Marketing activities with AutoTWBot to be consistent and effective while spending no time.

Find out more on the Features page.

With AutoTWBot you can retrieve your Twitter account information into a local database. The information is then provided to you via AutoTWBot’s interface. Users in 1-2 clicks can then create and send bulk Twitter jobs in AutoTWBot’s Worker Queue. Worker is responsible for storing, selecting and executing tasks to your Twitter account.  It’s fully customizable and keeps you in line with Twitter’s rules by respecting the Twitter rate limits. AutoTWBot also executes automatic tasks every 15 minutes to follow back new followers, send direct messages, send random tweets, unfollow users, and add new friends.

All you have to do is keep AutoTWBot running on your desktop minimized and watch the magic!

Find out more on the Features page.

AutoTWBot is the most affordable Twitter Marketing software on the market. We stay up to date with Twitter’s changes and provide non-stop support plus lifetime updates.

The majority of the competition are old 2009-2012 Twitter marketing programs that don’t work or deliver bad services. Don’t make bad investments, start by sending a message and see who responds.

AutoTWBot delivers and is on growing…

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More About Us

AutoTWBot is a small size team delivering a huge product for every Internet Marketer out there! Ongoing four years, AutoTWBot continues to improve and be better while keeping the same focus; Automation and mass tasks execution for Twitter. Today the team is located in Canada, passionate about development and support with a great interest in Internet marketing.

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Twitter Marketing Software for everyone. Easy to use, mass management, automation, time saver and very Effective!


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